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About the City: Worcester, MA

the city of Worcester in MassachusettsIt is true that our crew of mobile mechanics is very passionate about our city Worcester, MA. It had been our home and our favorite spot on Earth for quite a while, so here we decided to collect some useful information about the city, so people who are first visiting here can get a few guidelines about what and where to do. Even if you have not heard about our city yet, we can assure you that this is a fantastic place for people of all age, nothing makes it more obvious than our brilliant local community. The people here are just really friendly and they remind us each and every day that it is so much worth it to work as mobile mechanics in this particular city. We might not be the largest city in the USA, but this is compensated by the diverse nature of this area which has so much to offer. So in case your first trip to Worcester is still ahead of you, we hope that these information will serve as a small motivation and inspiration for you to visit us in the very near future. You won’t regret it!

A few short facts about the city of Worcester:

We are the county seat of Worcetser County in Massachusetts, USA. 

The estimated population of the city is close to 185,000. 

The first settlers who founded the city arrived here around 1673.

We are known as the “Heart of the Commonwealth”. 

UMass Memorail Health Care is the largest employer of the city with ca. 13,745 employees working for them. 

The Telegram & Gazette is our daily newspaper in Worcester. 

Some neighborhoods we are from:

Our favorite restaurants in Worcester, MA:

Armsby Abbey
The Boynton
The Sole Proprietor

Our favorite sights in Worcester:

Elm Park
Art Museum

Of course this has been only a very short article about the city of Worcester, so we are sure that you would like to get to know more information about it. If you decide to visit our city, we can promise you that we will give you some additional tips on the best places and our personal recommendations here, so if you are just thinking about coming here, we hope that we could convince you. We can tell you for sure that when our friends are coming here, they are always positiviely surprised about how many things to do there are here and also they tell us that they had such a fantastic time here. So in case you want to have some lovely days in Massachusetts, get your ticket and come here, you will be very happy about this decision later. Also if your car gets into any trouble, we will be there for you to fix it, so you definitely do not have to worry about that during your trip. 


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#1 Mobile Mechanics in Worcester, MA

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